Our Raison D’etre

In a world where government resources and charitable donations are insufficient to address the world’s social problems, our platform offers a new alternative for channeling large-scale private capital for social benefit. With increasing numbers of investors rejecting the notion that they face a binary choice between investing for maximum risk-adjusted returns or donating for social purpose, we will accelerate the maturity and progression of this emerging and alternative asset class (human capital development) into the mainstream.

Our belief system is that all investments have consequences—not just for individual investors, but also for whole communities and for the economy at large. In addition to creating financial returns for the investor, investments should be aligned towards job creation and expand the provision of goods and services. They should also have positive effect on society and the environment.

Thus, our investment strategy adds a second objective to managing an investment. In addition to aiming for financial returns, we also aim to achieve positive impact on social, economic, and environmental goals. This requires us to integrate impact considerations, alongside financial considerations into our investment strategy, into decisions about whether to buy and sell assets, and into the information and data that our investors can monitor and manage. Our social impact strategies do not imply having to sacrifice financial performance—an important consideration for us as we have fiduciary duties to our investors. Our social impact investing efforts will focus on investments in social enterprises, or social enterprises that have explicit intent to achieve impact.